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Commercial Aviation Pilot and Air Operations Degree

Pilot Degree / Introduction

The Commercial Aviation Pilot and Air Operations Degree is an official degree course in the European Higher Education Area which was approved in 2010. It trains professional pilots to help them meet the strict demands of the aviation labour market, by obtaining the EASA European Civil Aviation Pilot license with all the necessary categories up to "ATPL Frozen" level.

Obtaining our degree allows our graduates to work for any airline, and also provides access to the public aviation sector, as well as some professions related to the air transport sector that require a public examination process or a license for which an official university degree is essential.

At CESDA you will obtain the internationally recognised EASA license, and a university degree for a whole career.

In-flight training

CESDA has a modern fleet of aircraft suitable for the different phases of flight, to provide appropriate instruction for its in-flight training subjects. The training is complemented with FNPT II and MCC flight simulators.

  • On the Flight training I course, students fly single-engine aircraft (SE) under visual flight rules (VFR).
  • On the Flight training II course, they move on to real and simulated single-engine and multi-engine (ME) flights under instrument flight rules (IFR).
  • On the Flight training III course, students perform real and simulated commercial operations based on multi-engine aircraft.

When they have completed their studies, students will have flown a total of 285 flight hours, of which 171 are real flights, 54 hours are in a basic simulator and 60 hours are in a Multi Crew Coordination simulator (MCC).

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Pilot degree

Pilot degree

The Commercial Aviation Pilot and Air Operations Degree is an official degree course adapted to the Bologna Plan.
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CESDA offers you courses, certificates, categories, ratings and renewals. Find out more, with no commitment.
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CESDA has a modern fleet that enables students to train progressively: a Diamond DA-20, a Piper PA-28R and a Diamond DA-42NG.
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